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Biofloc Fish Farming | Benefit | Investment | Profit.

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

What is Biofloc Culture?

Biofloc culture is a leading-edge and cost-efficient technology within which waste material of fish materials like Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia may be born-again into a helpful product, ie., super molecule feed. it's the technology employed in the cultivation system with restricted or zero water exchange beneath high stocking density, sturdy aeration, and assemblage shaped by biofloc. The culture of biofloc is going to be a lot of products within the case of culture tanks exposed to the sun.

As daylight facilitates Biofloc bacterium to convert the material into macromolecule food for fish.

Benefits of Biofloc System:

  • Eco-friendly culture system.

  • It reduces environmental impact.

  • Improves land and water use potency

  • Limited or zero water exchange

  • Higher productivity (It enhances survival rate, growth performance, feed conversion within the culture systems of fish).

  • Higher biosecurity.

  • Reduces pollution and also the risk of introduction and unfold of pathogens

  • Cost-effective feed production.

  • It reduces the employment of protein-rich feed and also the value of ordinary feed.

  • It reduces the pressure on capture fisheries that is., the employment of cheaper fish and trash fish for fish feed formulation.

Disadvantages of Biofloc Technology

  • Increased energy requirement for mixing and aeration

  • Reduced response time because water respiration rates are elevated

  • Start-up period required

  • Alkalinity supplementation required

  • Increased pollution potential from nitrate accumulation

  • Inconsistent and seasonal performance for sunlight-exposed systems.

What is Biofloc Fish Farming?

Biofloc is a Profitable methodology of Fish Farming. It's become highly regarded all around the world as a substitute to open pool fish farming. It is an affordable way in which toxic waste materials for fish such as Ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite can be converted into the feed. The principle of this technique is to recycle nutrients found in the Biofloc tank.

Biofloc helps in cleaning the culture water of the fish while giving a more source of feed. It is an eco-friendly process.

Rearing fish at high-density needs some waste management system. Biofloc could be a waste treatment system at its core. It was developed to forestall diseases from incoming water to a farm.

How does Biofloc System Work?

This Profitable technique of Fish Farming which is practiced during a tank that comes in many sizes. The commonest size is of four diameters. Biofloc technology converts unused feed and greenish-blue animal excretory products into food during a culture system whereas exposed to daylight making a macromolecule made live feed. By changing excess into food once more, the value of feeding comes down.

The heterotrophic bacterium is the main element of Biofloc. It reduces the Ammonia and radical made by fish feeding. This heterotrophic bacterium consumes Ammonia changing it into a macromolecule and this will be consumed by fish than, for its growth. It works as an actual feed for the fishes. It’s nutritionary values also are sensible.

How Biofloc helps in cost saving & can double your income?

This Profitable technique of Fish Farming or Biofloc Farming cuts all the main prices in order that the savings may be huge. Many factors like Brobdingnagian operational prices, price of large lands, high prices of feeding, disposal, and discharge of waste sludge won't be issues once you pick this technique.

In cultivation, the main price is because of feeding ingredients for fishes. once fishes square measure fed with high macromolecule diets, more or less seventieth of it's discharged as waste in encompassing culture water within the kind of N. With biofloc, we are able to recycle this waste into feed once more reducing the expense of high macromolecule feeds. Biofloc systems additionally reduce the unfold of pathogens whereas additionally rising the fish health.


Investment in Biofloc Fish Farming is provided a very good return. One can start with a single biofloc fish tank. The area which is required to set up for a single tank is around 4.5 diameter. The cost for the setup of a single tank is around 45,000 rupees, Which is a one-time cost.


In a single-tank we can put around 600 fish and if calculate the cost of feed which will be around 12,000 rupees for four months. If we consider other variables which will be around 8,000 rupees. We can still earn a profit of 20,000 per tank in 4 months.

Material Require to start Biofloc Fish Farming:

  1. Probiotics everfresh

  2. Probiotics Fish vigyan

  3. PH Meter

  4. TDS Meter

  5. Ammonia test kit

  6. API Master test kit

  7. Air pump aco 004

  8. Air pump aco 003

  9. Air pump aco 010

  10. Calcium carbonate

  11. Air stone

  12. Water temperature meter

  13. Air controller / air valve

  14. Plastic oxygen pump 50 meter

  15. Dissolve oxygen (DO) test kit

  16. Cable tie

  17. HAP 100 air blower

  18. HAP 120 AIR PUMP

  19. PH, Ammonia,Nitrate,Nitrite test kit

  20. Biofloc Fish Tank

All mention material are avaible on online. Some material like Biofloc Fish Tank is also available on site like Indiamart, Sulekha etc. You can order this material from any vendor.

List of Biofloc Fish Farming Training Institute in India.

  1. CIBA (Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture)

  2. CIFA (Central Institute Of Freshwater Aquaculture)

  3. Dr. M.G.R Fisheries College and Research Institute

  4. Fisheries Department, Haryana

  5. North City

Conclusion: As we know Biofloc fish farming is a very profitable business and in India, we need that new generation must focus on this sector and help our country to become economically powerful. We should also focus on the R&D sector on Fish farming and should come up with new ideas and innovations in Fish Farming Sector.

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