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Investment in refurbished laptop for organization | SME | Startup | Advantages Of Buying A Refurbish

Updated: May 20

A refurbished laptop, Desktop, and iPad is a good options for organization small organizations and also for large organizations to save on costs involved in purchasing a brand new laptop. The brand-new laptop comes with huge costs and the ROI involve in it is very less. This led many small organizational to suffer big losses.

The refurbished laptop can reduce purchase cost to 60 % percent which can help many organizations to save big IT cost. Refurbished laptops come in different configurations and sizes. Refurbished can reduce IT purchase costs if it is purchased in bulk quantity. Generally, buying refurbished can be tricky and this may lead to a loss for the organization.

We should always purchase a refurbished laptop from trusted vendors only! Vendor-provided laptops with a warranty can be easily trusted and the ROI of the laptop can be easily covered within 6 months.

We at Shaikh Insurance & Investment also bring some good deals for our customers for refurbished laptops this laptop are from a trusted vendor and are available in bulk quantity.

We have got a Dell Latitude E5450 laptop is a good purchase opportunity for individuals, small organizations & large organizations

Advantages of buying refurbished laptops:

A refurbished laptop is an area of prime interest for individuals, SMEs, and Startups in India. A refurbished laptop comes at a low cost and with good quality. ROI on refurbished laptops is very fast. The refurbished laptop comes with a good configuration and it is easily customizable.

Dell Latitude E5450

1) Intel Core i5 Processor 5th Generation

2) 8 GB Ram

3) 240 GB SSD

4) 14" inch touchscreen

5) 15 Days Warranty

Refurbished Dell Latitude E5450 Laptop
Dell Latitude E5450

iPad 6th Gen

  • iPad 6th Gen with 128Gb

  • Used Apple Ipad Now Ready Stock

  • Ipad With Wifi + Cellular (For Data Usage Only)

  • iPad Air - 6th Generation

  • Color - Space Grey

  • Storage - 128gb

  • Display - 9.7 Inch

  • With Sim Slot ( For Data Use Only)

  • OS - 15.5

  • Cam - Front & Back Both

  • 1 Month Warranty.

iPad 6th Generation
iPad 6th Generation

Lenovo MiiX 720-12ibk

  • Intel Core i 5 7200U Processor

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 256 GB SSD

  • 12 Inch QHD Display

  • Windows 10 Pro

Lenovo MiiX 720-12ibk
Lenovo MiiX 720-12ibk

Microsoft surface laptop


  • Core i5 7th

  • 8gb Ram

  • 256gb ssd

  • Win 10 pro

  • 13.3 “ FHD

Microsoft Surface Book
Microsoft Surface Book

Apple Macbook Pro (A2019)

Model - A1990

Color - white / space gray

Core -i9 (8 Core CPU)

CPU Speed- 2.3 GHz

16GB Ram

512 GB SSD

1.5GB Intel UHD 630 Graphic

4GB Radeon Pro 5500M Graphic

Total. Graphics. 5,5 GB

15.4 inch Retina Screen

Lowest price ever

For Inquiry:

Contact No: 8689921061

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