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Starting Candle Making Business | Investment | Profit | Marketing

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Candle making is a very good business in India and around the world. All-round the world every tradition and religion includes candles in their auspicious ceremony. Candles making business have a very good market in India and with help of e-commerce, one can grow their business beyond imagination. In India, you can start this business with a low budget. But before we start, we should know what different types of candles you can make and why different types of waxes available in the market to start this business.

Types of Candles

Pillar Candles: Pillars are candles that stand on their own, with none style of instrumentation. the simplest waxes to make pillar candles are paraffin, beeswax, and palm wax. However, you'll be able to conjointly use wax blends to create pillar candles.

Container Candles: Container candles are candles that you simply produce to take a seat within a glass jar (with or while not a lid), metal tin, or alternative kind of instrumentality. As a result of these candles don't get to stand on their own, you'll use a range of waxes to create instrumentality candles, together with soy wax, soy/paraffin blends, paraffin, palm wax, and beeswax.  

Votive Candles: Votive candles are tiny candles regarding two ½” high that are designed to sit down in tiny, glass containers. As a result of they're not detached, you'll use a range of waxes to create votives, together with soft, natural waxes like soy and palm furthermore as beeswax, wax blends, and paraffin.

Tealight Candles: Tealights square measure little candles, regarding one ½” in diameter and regarding ¾” high, that square measure designed to sit down within a little, cylindrical metal or clear plastic instrumentality. You'll build tealights exploitation most waxes, together with soy, palm, and beeswax, paraffin, and soy/paraffin blends.

Taper Candles: Tapered candles area unit long, slender candles that sit in candlesticks. the most effective waxes for creating tapered candles area unit paraffin and beeswax. 

Wax Tarts or Wax Melts: Did you recognize that you just will build candles while not a wick? once liquefied during a potpourri or tart burner, wax tarts, conjointly referred to as wax melts, provide differently to fancy the aroma of candles. you'll use each paraffin and natural waxes like soy wax to form tarts.

Gel Candles: Gel candles are soft, gelatin-like candles that you just produce within the instrumentation. They’re made of a mineral-oil primarily based on gel rather than wax. 

Types of Wax

Paraffin Wax:

Paraffin wax conjointly referred to as straight wax, is wax that doesn’t have any additives in it. the foremost normally used and least-expensive candle wax, paraffin is often accustomed to create many varieties of candles, as well as pillars, containers, votives, tealights, tapers, and tarts. 

Soy Wax &Soy Wax Flakes

Soy wax is a 100 percent all-natural wax made of change oil that's obtainable in many forms, together with soy wax flakes. It's ideal to be used in creating instrumentality candles, together with jarred candles, tins, votives, tealights, and tarts. As a result of there’s a distinction between wax candles and soy wax candles in terms of their look and performance, you’ll need to be told the properties of every to assist you to choose which kind of wax you would like to use.

Palm Wax

Another style of 100% all-natural wax, palm wax is created by hydrogenating palm oils. Palm waxes modify you to create candles with distinctive textures, since, in most cases, there's a crystallization pattern (on pillars or containers) or feather pattern (available on pillars) that forms on the candle’s surface. Palm wax is nice to be used with pillars, votives, and tarts.

Beeswax & Beeswax Sheets

Beeswax is another 100% all-natural wax. one among the most effective candle waxes on the market, beeswax may be accustomed to build all sorts of candles, together with pillars, tapers, votives, and containers. It's additionally out there in beeswax sheets.

Granulated Wax

Granulated wax is commonly used for crafting, as a result of its simple use. There’s no have to be compelled to soften the wax! It’s made up of paraffin that has been fashioned into very little beads, thus you'll simply pour coarse wax into an instrumentality and insert a wick.

Gel Candle Wax

Offering the semitransparent quality of gelatin, gel candle wax isn’t truly wax the least bit. Instead, it’s made of oil and chemical compound rosin. With gel candle wax and a transparent glass instrumentality, you'll be able to create instrumentality candles you'll be able to see through and into For value-added interest, you'll be able to create embedded-object gel candles, wherever you insert ornamental, incombustible things into the gel.


Candle making can be started with low investment. All you need is just a few materials to start it. You can with 20,000 rupees and its home base business, so it does require any other infrastructure. To start this you must have the following material:

1) Paraffin Waxes is best for starter.

2) Different color dyes.

3) Different fragrance to make scented candle.

4) Thread or Candle Wicks.

5) Candle Mold.


In the candle-making business, you can earn a profit margin between 35% to 40%. Which is really good compare to any other investment. You can earn more margin if you start exporting it to another country. The export of any product gives a very good return on it.


Marketing of products has become really easier due to e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snap Deal, etc. You can directly sell your product on this e-commerce site without involving a distributor, retailer, or any other third party agent in the middle of the selling process.

You can also create a website and add a shopping cart to it. This will allow the direct sale of your products. Hence it will also increase your sales and also profit in business. Export is another big market where you can sell yours around the world. If you have got a good response from the local market then you try to move toward exporting your product to another country.

Common Business Process  Model image.
Common Business Process Model.

List of some training Centers in India:

  1. Crafts& Social Development Organisation

  2. Himanshu Art Institute - Institute Of Fine Arts And CraftM

  3. Niral Business InstituteSH

  4. Startupyo

Disclaimer: "Business is all about risk", We suggest you should to take proper training before starting a business. We have mentioned a few training websites above.

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