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Tata AIA IRaksha TROP 

Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Individual Life Insurance Savings Plan

One of our key priorities is to ensure that our loved ones are never wanting in terms of financial resources to live the life of their dreams. We want to protect their standard of living as well as ensure that any unfortunate event does not place on their shoulders the burden of our debts & loans.

Presenting the Tata AIA Life Insurance iRaksha TROP, a plan that is the ideal solution to provide a strong 'foundation' to protect the income of our loved ones. Tata AIA Life Insurance iRaksha TROP not only ensures peace of mind due to financial protection provided to your family during the term of the policy but also return the Total Premiums Paid at the end of the Policy Term.

Key Benefits

  • Dual benefits of financial protection and Return of Premium in case of survival till maturity

  • Life cover for up to 40 years or up to age 100

  • Choice of Single, Regular or Limited premium payment term

  • Lower rates for female lives and standard rates for non-smokers

  • Discount on rates for customers opting for higher level of protection

  • Enhance your protection with Optional Rider

  • Tax Benefits as per Income-Tax Act, 1961

Eligibility Criteria

15 to 40

Annual / Semi Annual / Quarterly/
Modal loading on premiums will be
applicable as follows:
Single Premium :
Multiply Single Premium by 1 (i.e. no
Annual Premium Rate :
Multiply Annual Premium Rate by 1 (i.e.
no loading).
Semi-Annual Premium Rate :
Multiply Annual Premium Rate by 0.51
Quarterly Premium Rate:
Multiply Annual Premium Rate by 0.26
Monthly Premium Rate :
Multiply Annual Premium Rate by

Policy Term and
Premium Paying Term

Sum Assured

Maturity Age
(last birthday)

18 – 70 years ( for Single Pay, Regular
Pay and Limited Pay 5)
18 - 65 years ( for Limited Pay 10)

Entry Age
(last birthday)

Max: 100 Years

Policy Term
(in years)

Min: 50,00,000 & Max: No Limit
Subject to Underwriting (Sum Assured
to be in multiples of 1,00,000)

 Premium Paying Term

Premium payment
Modes in Regular /
Limited Pay

10 to 40

Limited Pay - 10 years

Regular Pay
Single Pay
Limited Pay - 5 years

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